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Rachel & Greg Denning

Parents of six and long-term travelers; authors; adventurers
Traveling the globe with our (now) six kids since 2007. Exploration, adventure, culture, language, humanitarian work and location independence.


Travel blogging / writing

Rachel has been writing about their travel adventures since 2007. She's also written for several magazines (on and offline) and earns a portion of her income from freelance writing gigs.

Long-term travel

We've been nomadic and on the move since 2007 when we sold most of our things. We like to slow travel, living for a few months (or more) in a location before moving on. We've lived in India (5 mos) Dominican Republic (6 mos), Guatemala (18 mos), Costa Rica (2 x, total of 18 mos) and traveled through Mexico (5 mos), Belize (1 mos), El Salvador, Nicaragua (2 mos), Panama and Peru (my husband, 2 yrs). We have not been back to the U.S. for over 3 yrs.

Budget travel

With a large family we have to make every dollar count. We're experts in living simply, although we splurge when needed and are willing to spend money on experiences that are memorable. Our family of seven can live on as little as $1000 a month when traveling in developing countries. We camp, stay in hostels and cook our own food (sometimes on a camp stove).

Expat life

We've lived in India, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Guatemala… we've learned about setting up house — utilities, internet, finding places to shop and more — in several places around the world.

Family travel

Traveling since 2007 when we had four children under the age of four, we now have six ranging from 6 months to age 11. We've experienced it all — plane, bus, taxi and overland. We have a few tips to share.

Costa Rica


Panajachel is a town tucked into the mountains right on the edge of Lake Atitlan. We lived there for a year, riding in tuk-tuks and exploring the lake, before purchasing 2 acres above the lake, where we lived for six months (and founded a humanitarian organization).

Dominican Republic

Buying one way tickets, we flew to the Dominican Republic with our four small children. We took a bus to the small town of Las Galeras and lived in coconut grove on the beach for three months. It was our 'Walden' — no phone, no internet, no vehicle, just sunset walks along the beach exploring tide pools. We later moved to the more populated town of Sosua and rented an apartment there, where we swam in the pool everyday and continued our tradition of sunset walks on the gorgeous beach.

Central America

We've traveled overland in our vehicle throughout Mexico and all of Central America. We've camped, stayed in hostels and hotels and visited many, many places.


Authors: Living Deliberately: How o Create a Ridiculously Awesome Life



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Susanne Brunsch • August 4, 2014