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Randi Delano

co-founder, Just a Pack
Vegetarian backpacker on round the world trip. Co-founder of backpacking website Just a Pack (www.justapack.com).


Round the World travel (RTW travel)

I'm currently on a Round the World Trip. In my fifth month of travel, 2nd continent and 11th country.

Female travel

I'm a female backpacker with advice about traveling.

Budget travel

Co-founder of a website devoted to budget travel and backpacking.

Long-term travel

I'm on at least a year long journey around the world, hopefully longer. Travel is what makes me feel alive.


Vegetarian and Vegan Travel

Western Europe

I have traveled extensively in Western Europe and also lived there for a year.

North America

I'm from North America and have been to many states in the US, Canada and Mexico.

Central America

I have just finished a four month trip across all of Central America.