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Randy Brongo

Traveler/ Bartender/ Property Manager
I travel, relax, party, work, adventure, you name it! If it has to do with travel I love it. I've always loved travel and been to 100+ cities in 24 countries.


Nightlife / Partying

I like to party and get a little crazy from time to time. Making new friends and all the fun things that happen on a good night out are what keeps me interested in nightlife. I was a bartender for several years in some really nice nightclubs and really enjoyed it. Out of the 100+ cities I've been to, I have gained some great experience for nightlife in 20+ countries. Ask away!

Health & safety

I used to work for the US military I have extensive experience in regards to health and safety in dangerous areas especially those in Mexico/ South america and the Middle East. My training includes war-zone safety and field medical training. Mostly though, I find simple advice like knowing dangerous areas within a city and common sense will get you through any country without a problem. Ask away!

Long-term travel

I've been on a few long trips. Two cross country RV trips, several motorcycle trips ranging from New York to Alabama. I've hiked to bottom of the Grand Canyon visited a few places in the Middle-East including Afghanistan. I've lived in Mexico 2 months, Colombia for about a month, Central America for about 5 months. Eastern Europe has been my new favorite place lately and I currently live in Serbia. I am currently living in Belgrade Serbia and plan to stay for about a year. Ask away!

Adventure activities

Where to start? Everything from bungee jumping to skydiving to snowboarding to snorkeling. I could go on and on but I like it all. Surfing, shooting, archery, mountain biking, even volcano boarding. I have lots of great suggestions and contacts for cheap/ professional services or just where the best spots are. Ask away!

Budget travel

My budget for all my trips never exceeds $1500 per month. (USD) I have contacts in many of the 24 countries I've been in including hostels, job opportunities and more. If you want to find out how to afford the trip of your dreams it's all here. Ask away!

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is my current favorite and most livable place I've been to. I have family here live and "work" here now. Love it. From the food to the affordability to the nightlife Eastern Europe is one of my favorite places around. Ask away!

North America

I am from NY but have traveled across the United States several times. I've done RV trips back and fourth a few times and can provide info on about 25 states in the US and a little on Canada. North America is where I grew up and some of my first adventures took place. It's my old "stomping grounds" and I know it well. Ask away!


Afghanistan! I've spent a long year here and even still have some good local friends here. Not a great place to travel but taught me a lot about who I am as a person. Definitely life changing. Ask away!

Central America

Traveled to/ lived in several places in Central. I have been in every country at least a week but most of them 2-3 weeks. Some countries I've spent over a month. I've surfed the days away in countries like El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. Ask away!