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Raz Radu

I ride with the Flow. It always leads me to the best of Life, with plenty of adventure. I know people and passion and how to combine them to live a full life


Career break

My last contract finished November 2012. I was a manager for Telecom Company in Jordan, Middle East. It was the last drop of a 15 years career in the IT and consulting field. Since than I have "not worked" in India, Nepal, Egypt and Romania for 18 months now. I don't know what you call "career break" but I wanna tell you that I have gained so much from it that it's probably the best move I ever did in my career. So much clarity, so much energy. I am now extremely confident and eager to start

Budget travel

What is budget? Budget is money. How about free? When u need something there are two ways of getting it: 1. Earn some money then go and buy it 2. Go for it directly… without the money detour Over the past 10 years of travelling I have manged to move myself from one place to another, sleep and eat for free. But wait… these are just the basics. What about yacht trips, adventure sports, concerts, fancy parties and plane tickets… for free?!

Adventure activities

I am an outdoor trainer and instructor for various sports: cycling, mountaineering, kayaking, swimming, and other. I organize and lead adventure trips for small groups. But… adventure is not about what you do, it's more about how you do it. Adventure is a state of mind and passion for life. You can find adventure in everything you do wherever you go…

Southern Europe

Greece and Italy, the parents of the European culture. I have both worked for several months and traveled around these 2 countries. I have also been a bit around in Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia and the Canary Islands

Central Europe

East Asia

India and Nepal… totally Life changing experience. I can talk so much about what I saw, thought but especially about how it feels to live there for 7 months.

Middle East

Middle East is one of the toughest areas of the world. Proudly I can say I have had enough strength and patience to dive in, understand and appreciate the Arabic culture.

Eastern Europe

I am an Eastern European myself, born and raised in Romania. As a traveler I do believe all countries on Earth are worth discovering and certainly have some life enriching experience to offer but when it comes to FUN… Easter Europe is the Place. Ask anybody!