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Richard Garcia

Minimalist Backpacker Rediscovering a Playful Path
Life is play, and the world is a playground. I share a simply playful approach to travel. So you'll have a safer, affordable, authentic and enjoyable journey.


Solo travel

While I have meet and teamed up with other travelers I have meet along the way, the majority of time I have spent traveling on my own.

Budget travel

My interest is how to live and travel like a local. Each country I go to I determine the average wage and cost of living and manage my budget accordingly.

Long-term travel

I traveled for one year in my car throughout the entirety of Mexico. I spent another 4 years traveling throughout the Americas. Finally, I spent another six months traveling throughout Northern, Western, Central and Southern Europe.

South America

I spent 2 1/2 years traveling by bus throughout the entirety of South America.

North America

I spent nine months traveling throughout North America.

Central America

I spent nine months traveling by bus throughout the entirety of Central America.


I spent a year in my car traveling around the entirety of Mexico.

Western Europe

I spent six month traveling throughout Western Europe.