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Robert Tellier

Experienced Travel Consultant & Blogger at
With over 40 years Travel Experience, now a professional blogger offering travel tips & inspirations to others!


55+ travel

Have worked as a Cruise Consultant in past years with a Major Cruise Line, I can offer tips and inspiration for those in this age group wanting to travel and enjoy various types of vacation holidays. I am also very experienced in Recreational Vehicle travel for those wishing to enjoy their holidays this way in North America.

Travel blogging / writing

I have enjoyed blogging our travels over the years, but within the past 2 years, I now own a new blog reaching the next level in Professional Travel Blogging.

Health & safety

I am a retired Police Officer with 30 yrs service and I am always concerned about the health & safety of individuals, especially for those traveling abroad. I specifically have a category on my blog dealing with this topic.

Cruise vacations

I have taken a number of Cruise Holidays in the past, to various parts of the world. I have also worked as a Cruise Consultant in past years, having taken a number of cruise expert certificate courses.

Vacations & holidays

I have traveled extensively over the years with family taking various types of different holidays. From all inclusive resort vacations, cruise holidays, major sporting event vacations in many place around the globe, to extensive RV Camping vacations throughout North America.


Have visited Bangkok and the Island of Koh Samui, as well as neighboring island off Samui. Have visited the main resort areas and beaches, as well as Scuba Dived in the region as well. I can offer suggestions on where to stay and places to visit at these locations.


We have traveled by air and by recreational vehicle to many of the more popular tourist destinations in Mexico, particularly to the resort areas on the Pacific and Caribbean coasts of Mexico. I can offer destination suggestions and travel tips into Mexico for those crossing in Recreational Vehicles.


Raised in Victoria, British Columbia on Vancouver Island and having traveled extensively throughout Canada, I can offer travel tips and advice for those visiting specifically the west coast. I am very experienced in Recreational Vehicle travel and can offer those individuals wishing to travel to Canada who renting an RV, a great deal of insight from tips, destination suggestions and places to stay.

Dominican Republic

One of my all time favorite destinations in the Caribbean, especially for family all inclusive vacations. Have traveled to the DR four times in past years, staying at different locations on the island each time. I can offer tips on where to stay, best beaches and tours your family can enjoy.

United States

Over the past 40 years, my family and I have traveled to many popular destinations throughout the United States. From camping vacations to tropical holidays in the Hawaiian Islands, I can offer suggestions and tips on various forms of travel in the U.S.


ICBC Licensed Truck Driving Instructor

RV Times Magazine – Published Article

Norwegian Cruise Line University – Travel Agent Program

Expedia cruiseshipcenters – Cruise Consultant

Princess Cruises Academy – Commodore Level Achievement

Nationwide Travel College Canada – Professionals in Travel Diploma

Owner & Writer at Gr8 Travel Tips