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Ronald Robbins

Professional Travel Blogger at ActivePlanetTravels.com
I'm a Solo Budget & Adventure Traveler – TV Host, living a balanced life of work & play through my successful travel blog ActivePlanetTravels.com.


Budget travel

Traveling for a living, you figure out very quickly that budget travel is essential. The longer you can make your money last, the longer you get to travel. I've learned the ins-and-outs of budget travel. Being thrifty is not just a way of life, it's a necessity! A necessity I can teach you how to accomplish.

Long-term travel

Since the beginning of my traveling career at 19, I'm quickly approaching a decade of expertise in long-term travel. I've created my blog and, while doing so, figured out how to live on a budget, become employed overseas, and find the local (more affordable) ways to live life on the road.


Every image depicts the face of a brand. That’s why the I uphold the highest standards when showcasing my photography & videos. Through high quality images & well-crafted stories, my images bring what I see on the road to life, directly to your screen. If you want to produce stunning visuals of a destination, then I'm a great person to start talking to.

Solo travel

Since the beginning of my travel career, most of the adventures have been on my own. I understand the logistics behind planning a solo trip, tips on how to create a successful adventure by yourself as well as how to make friends abroad. Ask for my advice, you'll be glad you did!

Travel blogging / writing

My travel blog ActivePlanetTravels.com has been recognized around the world for its first-person storytelling, travel tips and personal advice. You really can't go anywhere else for more personal and helpful advice to beginning your career as a blogger and/or writer!


The Caribbean is the love of my life and one that I'll very shortly be moving to! I've been to a handful of islands but plan to sail around them all. While planning to do so, I've research nearly every island and what it has to offer. Need advice?

Central America

The very first place I've ever traveled to outside the United States was Costa Rica and Panama. If you need advice for either of them, ask away!

North America

I am a born and raised local of the United States and have completed 5 cross country road trips in various regions of the United States.

Southeast Asia

I lived 8 months in Southeast Asia traveling through the following regions: -Thailand -Laos -Vietnam -China -Tibet -Nepal If you have any questions, ask away!


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