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Rupert Wolfe-Murray

Travel Writer (author of "9 Months in Tibet") & Bike Tourer
Scottish writer & bike tourer, based in Romania & keen to advise on how to escape routine and do life-transforming journeys alone. Twitter: @wolfemurray



BIKE TOURING is my current passion. I've been doing it around Romania, Montenegro & Albania and would love to advise you how to organise your life on two wheels. As well as the bike you'll need suitable bags/panniers, clothes and camping gear. It took me years to work it all out, save up and get the various items and I can save you a lot of hassle by sharing my experience of this unique form of transport.


I use an old compact camera and believe "the best camera is the one in your hand". By working with professional photographers I have learned to take great photos. I also learned how to avoid the complicated terminology of the pros and explain the essentials that ordinary people can really understand — in particular how to get a good composition), getting close to people, how to use light to get great shots every time, how to set up a killer photo blog & do slideshows

Working overseas

When travelling the world on a tight budget it is essential to be able to find work. I believe that if you have the right attitude you can find work anywhere on this planet. I have found work in Albania, Bosnia, Romania and Tibet — and only in Tibet was it really difficult. Most companies are on the lookout for willing hands — people who can learn fast — and I am keen to advise people on the best approach to take when looking for a job. I am also a qualified English language/TEFL teacher.

Long-term travel

In 1986/87 travelled for 20 months across Eastern Europe (when it was Communist) and then south Asia. I learned how to find work and live cheaply. I ended up in Tibet where I spent 9 months, learned the languages, trekked a lot, found work and recently wrote a book about it.

Travel blogging / writing

I have written a travel book, I edit several blogs and contribute to Huffington Post. When travelling I used to keep a page-a-day diary. I am keen to advise travellers on how to develop the necessary skills needed to sustain a good blog, how to write killer travel articles that any newspaper would love to publish and how to write your own travel book at the end of it all and publish it on Amazon/Kindle as well as iTunes and Google Play. Encouraging new writers really motivates me.

Western Europe

I am keen to advise travellers about the best way of getting round — and living cheaply — western Europe (including the UK). We can discuss the pros and cons of hostelling, camping, hitchhiking and cycle touring — as well as the challenge of getting temporary jobs. Call me with your plan, and your story, and I will advise you.

Eastern Europe

I currently live in Romania and have also lived in Albania and Bosnia. I've travelled to all of the region and spent a few months working in Russia


Observer Newspaper's "Young Travel Writer of the Year" finalist (1989)

Published 3 Photo Books about War & Peace in Bosnia


Contributor to Huffington Post UK)