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Sabrina Iovino

Travel Blogger & Social Media Addict | JustOneWayTicket.com
I live off my blog by writing about the things I love. Mostly. I'm the laziest blogger in the universe, blogging only once a month. If I can, you can do it too!


Travel blogging / writing

I started travel blogging in Dec 2012 and already earned money after 6 months. After 1 year I made an income of over $2,000/month only from my blog without selling any products of myself. If you need help or coaching about how to make a living from your travel blog, I'm happy to give you tips and tell you what have worked for me… Update 2015: Monthly income from blogging over $3,000/month


Social Media, Facebook & Twitter: I'm happy to tell you more about Social Media, how to grow followers on Twitter, how to get tons of fans on Facebook without paying for ads and how I make money on Twitter and Facebook.


I'm no photographer, by all means. But I'm a Photoshop Expert, working for more than a decade with the software. I know how to turn average photos into amazing images. I'm happy to help you with Photoshop and tell you the tricks how to make stunning photos.

Air travel

I'm pretty good in finding cheap flights, I've traveled around the world with 38 one-way tickets and spent less than $4000 on all flights together. Finding cheap fares is an art for itself. If you look for cheap flights I might be able to help you 🙂

Long-term travel

The world is my home. I left my country in 2008 and since then, I'm traveling and living abroad. I'm happy to share my experiences with you, tell you how I got rid of all my possessions and freed myself from a conventional life. I can tell you also about budget travel, how to stay cheap or for free in Hotels, houses, apartments or simply amazing places? How to receive insane discounts and how to always get the best rooms in a hotel? I'll tell you more about it…


I was born in Germany, lived 5 years in Berlin.


I've been 7 times in the Philippines, from the North to the South and thinking of living there soon… Hopefully 2015!


I'm currently living in Chiang Mai, Thailand and also lived in Bangkok before…


I lived almost 2 years in Istanbul.

Southeast Asia

I've been to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao, Philippines and Indonesia.


Public Speaker at Create Freedom Online Workshop in Manila


Winner Travel Story Awards in the category "Inspiration Story 2013"


SUPER BLOGGER 2014 – Award for Blogging Success



Sabrina was very helpfull and gave me a whole to do list.
I was very happy with the conversation we had! I couldn't ask for more.
Sabrina was very friendly and really has good tips.
I recommend everyone to have a call with her!

Sarah Karipidis • May 28, 2015
I was extremely happy with Sabrina's advice. I didn't expect that much info, so I was pleased when I got her response.
She really knows what she's talking about and after following het advice, I have definitely been able to see the changes. I am getting a lot more visitors now. More comments from people. There are more people sharing my stuff on social media AND I had a travel site sharing one of my blog posts on their Facebook page – that was a good day!
Thank you, Sabrina!


Zascha Friis • April 23, 2015
I had a question session with Sabrina. She was really helpful. First, I had some specific questions that Sabrina answered for me with the information I was seeking. However, the most valuable thing about the question session was that Sabrina talked a lot about her approach to how she created her blog/business and how she made it work for her. She was really specific about things she decided she wanted to do and how she went about doing them. That included discussion about how she was able to take certain opportunities and leverage them into other ones. She then applied that kind of thinking to the things I had expressed interest in and gave me some really solid suggestions about what my approach should be in accomplishing those things. It made me see that there might be more/different opportunities than I was originally considering. Yes, Sabrina knows an awful lot about building a blog/brand if that is what you want to do. But for me she was also a really great sounding board and brainstormer for other things as well.

James Klein • February 12, 2015
I thought the call was quite helpful. Sabrina was prepared and gave me some good advice. There were no long pauses on the call, I didn't feel like any time was wasted. The few minutes I 'lost' from a website not opening were 'returned' by her staying on the call past the official end. I have no complaints.

Todd Prince • February 11, 2015
Sabrina is amazing!
In our session we focused on Social Medias, Traffic Increase and blog monetizing.
We are turning her advices in actions and already can see good results!
She is really easygoing and encouraging.
Thank you SO much!!!

Natalie & Robson Cadore • November 21, 2014
I've worked in the financial industry for the last 10 years. My job was to find great investments and make smart financial decisions. No doubt, this one was one of it.

If you are looking for a way to turn your blog into a success, you could spent weeks and hundreds of Dollars to read all the books and guides available on the market – OR you could do yourself a big favor and just get Sabrinas advice.

I can highly recommend her, she took the time and answered ALL my questions (and I had a lot!) and provided me with great resources and material for further information. She really knows what she is talking about and how the wind blows.

Thank you for your help Sabrina!

Andreas Deisner

Andreas Deisner • November 16, 2014
Sabrina answered my questions with fantastic detailed information and specific books and websites to assist me. I was very impressed at the time she took to respond to me and the answers she gave. I would use her services again in a second!!! I most highly recommend you contact her!!!!!

Styron John • November 8, 2014
My 1 hour Skype consultation with Sabrina was a classic case of over-delivery. She provided me with way more than I was expecting. She generously provided extensive knowledge and resources in helping me start my own travel blog as well as travel information to some of the places I intended to visit. It was certainly money well spent.

Sharpen your pencil before your consultation with Sabrina. As I rifled endless questions at her, she provided waves of valuable and useful information back to me at an even greater pace. She shed light on the path to start and build my own blog; and laid out before me, the tool kit necessary to do so. It's now up to me to do the work necessary.

Definitely satisfied with my session with Sabrina. I could tell Sabrina has a genuine desire to be helpful and I would recommend her services to anyone.

Wayne Seto • November 4, 2014
Sabrina is very knowledgeable. After the meeting, I felt like I could see behind a curtain – one I didn't even know was there – into the inner workings of the travel blogging industry. We concentrated on three areas: Branding, Traffic and Social Media. She is especially savvy in the latter, but by no means does that take away from the other two. (I know she is also very talented in monetization, but since I am concentrating on traffic at this point, we didn't go in depth). I always wondered how all of these blogs were attracting so much traffic and attention, and now I feel like I know. Now I need to go implement!

Andrew Delmenhorst • September 16, 2014
Sabrina has been able to monetize her travel blog in less than a year. If you're a blogger, you'll know that this is impressive.

I decided to book a Skype talk with Sabrina to ask how she had managed to get so many readers and attention for her project in such a short time.

Sabrina was extremely generous with her answers and the information that she provided. She really went the extra mile and shared all her secrets.

All Sabrina's methods are implementable; however, most are not useful for my blog.

Sabrina can only tell you what has worked for her. It's then up to you to decide if you want to follow the same path.

Mirha Masala

Mirha Masala • August 11, 2014
Sabrina is the bomb! This girl taught me more in one hour than I've learned from all the "Make money travel blogging" books out there that I've read over the past months. I wish I called her earlier and asked for her advice.

Her tips are incredible, she helped me to grow 1000 followers on Twitter and get over 30 comments on a single blog post and thats all within 5 days!!!

Sabrina was absolutely helpful and answered all my questions, telling me the details how she makes money with her travel blog and earning over 2500 bucks a month. I was amazed and her advice is gold!

I can highly recommend her, also check out her travel blog justonewayticket.com. I've been a big fan of her blog and what really stands out is that Sabrina does many things completely different than other travel bloggers. But the best thing is, she's happy to share all her knowledge and tricks. Thumbs up!

Nina Mueller • July 24, 2014
A little over a year ago I met Sabrina on a secluded beach in the Philippines. I had been wanting to start a blog for months as I traveled around S.E. Asia, but luckily by the time I was ready, Sabrina was there for help! She has been an invaluable resource for me as the process has gone along. With a great no-nonsense approach to growth and monetization, she really knows the ins and outs of the business.

Her expertise coupled with my previous knowledge of writing, photography and design has helped propel my blog to over a million page views after just 5 months! I am very grateful for her assistance.

Nathan Allen

Nathan Allen • July 23, 2014
Talking to Sabrina was great. She has so much knowledge! I left the talk knowing so much more about social media!! I certainly recommend.

Paula Freitas • July 7, 2014