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Safwan Khan

Entrepreneur & Traveling Enthusiast
"If you arnt traveling you are not living" I have been traveling for the past 16 years and have lived in more than 4 countries.


Budget travel

As a student I learned how to effectively utilize discounts on plane tickets and hotels to travel on a budget. Places to see that will not put a dent on your budget, how to interact with the locals and techniques on how you can stay for free.

Couples travel

I have experience in planning the best honey moon vacation be it on a budget or luxury travel. I will help you to choose the best hotels with the best views that your wife / girl friend will love, I can also tell you about the most romantic places to visit be it the touristy places or places only the locals visit.

Food & drink

I love FOOD. I live for food. Period. When I travel I make sure that when I am spending money on food it has to be epic. No matter if it is expensive or cheap. I can help you find the best restaurants to eat the most exotic foods ever. If you are a foodie then I can mix it up by giving suggestions on what local foods to eat, which restaurants to go to and which food markets to explore.

Career break

Work life is extremely stressful these days and its always best to take a few days and relax and spend time with your family or alone. I will help you set up the most relaxing few days ever to get away from work, emails, phone calls and real life issues. I will help you book the best spas in the area to get massages, special body treatments to relax your mind and soul.

Southeast Asia

I have traveled to China, Thailand and Malaysia and stayed there for over 2 weeks. I have explored most of the big cities and can provide you with valuable information on how to interact with the locals, what there traditions are, hotels to book, food to eat and great shopping areas.

North America

I have lived in the US for 15 years of my life – Mostly NYC, NJ, Chicago, Miami and San Jose. I know these places quite well and can provide you with great areas to stay, what hotels to book, restaurants to eat it, what are the ideal locations to visit and explore.


I recently traveled to Turkey and believe its one of the most magical countries ever. I went to Istanbul and Capadoccia. I loved both cities and explored them thoroughly. I can help you with the best places to see, where to stay, what local restaurants to eat at – both on a budget and luxury.

Middle East

I have lived in Dubai for 3 years and also travel there quite often. Since dubai is a top tourist destination and has become quite expensive I can help you out in selecting the best hotel with a good rate, ideal locations, what activities to do, restaurants to try out, local foods you should eat and places to visit.


I have lived in Pakistan for 13 years as well. It is by far one of the most beautiful countries I have ever lived in. In fact I used to provide tourist services to foreigners traveling to Pakistan. I used to show them around, explore the areas with them and make them try amazing food.


Got a certification for Hot Air Balloon in Capadoccia.