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Sarah Kriebs

Social Media Consultant & Travel Blogger | solo-abroad.com
When it comes to backpacking, solo traveling and promoting your business on Social Media, I'm the one you need to talk to.


Solo travel

I managed to travel more than 10 countries as a solo female so far. I can provide you with tips, tricks and things you need to take care of when you're traveling alone. There are a few things you need to avoid and be aware of. I will prepare you for your solo adventure, make your fears disappear and show you the amazing things of traveling solo. I've never felt alone while traveling solo and I can show you how to meet people easily, no matter what country or place you're traveling to.

Budget travel

I'm a huge fan of budget traveling and I can show you how to find the cheapest flights and accommodations in the whole wide world. Some accommodations I know are even for free!

Long-term travel

I lived, worked and traveled in Southeast Asia for almost a year. When it comes to volunteering and being Au Pair I'm most likely the right person you need to talk to. I can show you how to find great jobs abroad and tell you everything I know about my expat life in Bangkok and things you need to take care of there.

Travel blogging / writing

I'm the founder and travel blogger of www.solo-abroad.com. I launched the blog in November 2014 and ever since then my blog grew very quick! I can teach you how to set up a blog, how to manage blogging and provide you with all the tips and tricks that I know. I can teach you how to use Social Media efficiency. You can ask me every question about it! For more information check out: http://sarahkriebs.de/en/hireme/

Language learning

I'm a german native and I speak english fluently. I'm happy to teach you both languages!:)

Southeast Asia

I lived, worked and traveled in Southeast Asia for almost a year and I've been to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.


I am born and raised in Germany. If you have any questions about travel routes through Europe or if you need any kind of information about Germany I can help you out! Berlin is probably the coolest city in Germany. I can give you information about Berlin and tell you about things to do there.


I'm an expert when it comes to living and traveling in Thailand because I lived in Bangkok for almost a year and I've traveled the country a couple of times.


Social Media Consulting & Blogging


Travel & Lifestyle Blog