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Shari Atwood

Travel and Event Planner
I am a New York based (for now) event and travel planner that has traveled in North America, South America and Europe and ready to share my experience with you!


Teaching English

I have volunteered and been paid to teach English in Peru and Argentina. I have experience setting up my own classes as well as working for teaching schools and organizations.

Female travel

Most of my trips have been alone or with fellow female friends and people I have met along the way. I have a lot of experience in how to travel as a woman and not be scared.


I volunteered with needy children in orphanages and after school programs in Huancayo Peru. I have also volunteered teaching English in Peru and Argentina.

Adventure activities

I love to travel around the world in order to run marathons, adventure races, and relay races. These types of trips are a great way to make you set a date and experience a place in a whole new way. I highly recommend it!


I lived in Buenos Aires for 9 months taking classes, teaching English, meeting amazing people from around the world and seeing one of the most beautiful diverse countries I have ever been to. I would love to tell you all about this incredible place.


I spent a month in Peru teaching, volunteering, taking classes and exploring the beautiful landscapes and culture.


I lived in Madrid for 5 months taking business and language classes. On the weekends, I explored many parts of Western and Eastern Europe.

Western Europe

United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, Italy

South America

I have traveled to many countries in South America for pleasure and to see the friends I have made through out my travels. Ecuador is an amazing place with everything from beaches to volcanoes and some of the most incredible people in the world. I have also been to Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay and can't wait to hit the rest of the countries.