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Sharon Gourlay

Travel blogger at Where's Sharon Family Travel Blog
An experienced travel writer and blogger who has been to over 80 countries across the world and now travels with two preschoolers.


Family travel

We have travelled successfully through Australia, Asia, USA and Caribbean with our own kids from the time they were babies. We know when to take a pram, the best places to go, where to eat, where to stay and all the other minute details that need to be considered when travelling with little kids. We have found ways to best balance what each of us want when travelling. We love family travel and blog about it extensively.

Round the World travel (RTW travel)

I have taken many round the world trips, some up to a year long. I love planning big adventures and working out the best airfare to see all the best stops along the way. I have travelled to over 80 countries across all continents except Antarctica, so I can help you plan the best places to see from my own experience.

Solo travel

I have travelled extensively alone. I know what things females have to take into consideration when planning their own trips. I know all the pros and cons of solo travel, best places to go and stay.

Organized tours

Inbetween extensive travel alone and with my now husband, I also took many organised tours on Contiki, Intrepid, Imaginative Traveller, Cosmos, Toucan, Gap Adventures and others! All of these companies offer different experiences and I can help you choose the best tour with the best company to suit your needs.

Language learning

I have extensive experience learning Spanish overseas. I have studied Spanish in multiple places around the world and researched it in many more. I can help you plan an immersion language experience and tell you the pros and cons of each approach.

Southeast Asia

I have been to Southeast Asia many many times. I have visited every country in this region, many multiple times. I have also visited many of them with kids. This is one of the best regions in the world to travel – cheap, easy, beautiful and some great food!

South America

I have spent a lot of time in Latin America and have been to every country in South America except Colombia and Venezuela – I have even made it to all the Guianas! Argentina is my favourite country in the world and Brazil is not far behind.

Australia/New Zealand

I am an Australian and have lived in two different states for long periods of time. I have been to all the states and territories and seen much of what my lovely country has to offer. I have also been to New Zealand twice and seen much of this country.

Central America

I have been to Central America many times and have seen much of what his region has to offer. I have also studied in both Guatemala and Nicaragua.

East Asia

I have travelled extensively in East Asia and I have been to China and Japan multiple times as well as South Korea and Taiwan. I love this region.