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Shelly Duncan

Blogger, Adventurer, Amateur Photographer and Techno-geek!
The Amateur Adventurer "Because anyone can have an adventure!"


Couples travel

My husband and I have been adventuring round the world for the last 20 years. We've had highs and lows, travelled short term and long term, budget and luxury, driven through different countries, driven each other crazy. We are still together and we wouldn't change a thing (even after spending 24 x 7 in each others company for 124 days straight!)

Organized tours

We love Small Group Adventure Travel – it allows us to "backpack" – while someone else does all the organisation, takes us places we would be less likely to attempt on our own, we meet like-minded people who've become friends for life – not to mention their couches when travelling!

Technology & travel

Okay I'm a self confessed techno-geek. If there is an app or device that will make my life easier while travelling, then I'm all over it!

Middle East

Travelled through Jordan, Israel and Turkey

Australia/New Zealand

I love travelling but always love coming home to Australia, and our neighbours across the ditch are not so bad either!

Southeast Asia

This is where we've spent most of our travelling time, Thailand, Bali, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos – just can't get enough

North Africa

Morocco is one of my favourite countries, I'd go back every chance I got (If Australia wasn't so far away and there weren't so many other places on the map to see