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Shimrit Elisar

Travel blogger and author of the DIY Tel Aviv city guide
Author of DIY Tel Aviv alternative city guide / solo female travel expert / global underground culture freak


Female travel

I've traveled solo in dozens of countries including India, Morocco, Egypt and more and have dealt with pretty much every awkward situation there is.

Nightlife / Partying

I always know what's going on in Tel Aviv, but I can also teach you how to find interesting places to go to pretty much anywhere.

Expat life

I've lived abroad myself so can advise on ways of integrating into a new culture. For people moving to places I've lived in (UK, Israel, USA) I can give more specific advice.

Travel blogging / writing

I work as a travel journalist and have a successful blog / guide that I created myself. I can give you tips on how to monetise your travel experience

Solo travel

I always travel on my own and can advise on everything from how to find company when you want to dealing with situations that crop up.


I can provide information about Barcelona.


I've written a guide book about Tel Aviv. Can also help with more information about Israel.


I spend half my time in the UK so can advise on living, visiting or studying in London.


I've traveled extensively in India

Hong Kong

I spent a lot of time in Hong Kong and can advise mostly on nightlife and culture.


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