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Shirley Hollick

Writer, Photographer & Owner, Travel To Little Known Places
We've travelled to over 40 countries. Our sassy style is a bit different, a bit adventurous, always comfortable, but as INEXPENSIVE as possible. Email us today!


Central Europe

Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, Italy, France – how to travel in these countries without spending an arm and a leg!

Pacific Islands

Tonga, Cook Islands, New Zealand – spent 6 months in New Zealand. We love the South Pacific! Email us with any questions.

North America

All of Canada, New Orleans, San Francisco, Florida, Las Vegas, Montana, North Dakota

South America

Ecuador, Argentina, Uruaguay – amazing countries, travel is inexpensive! Must sees for each place.

Central America

Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama – everything you want to know and how to travel inexpensively


Travel To Little Known Places