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Sofie Couwenbergh

Travel blogger & freelance writer
Want to get the most out of your trip without rushing? Addicted to planning, I can help you set up your perfect travel itinerary. Get in touch!


Travel gear / packing

As someone who more often than not travels short-term I could easily always take two huge suitcases with me. But I don't. I travel carry-on as often as possible because it's easier and makes me more flexible. Over the years I've learned how to look stylish while only packing the minimum, how to keep the number of liquids in my bag low while still bringing all hygienic products that I need and how to pack my clothes so that they take up the least space as possible.

Female travel

Traveling as a woman means having extra things to take into account: our safety, our periods, the eternal not being to able to pee everywhere-issue and yes, also make-up . As someone who travels carry-on as often as possible I can help you pack less while making sure you still look fantastic at your destination. I'll share with you how I try to stay safe while traveling and what you can do to keep your family and friends up to date on your whereabouts.

Vacations & holidays

The past years I've been combining a full time job with a freelance writing career. That means that I can't just travel whenever I like, but I do know how to make use of what I have. I travel during public holidays, weekends and use my vacation days to the fullest. The trips I make don't last for months. They range from an afternoon to two weeks and are thus ideal as vacation getaways. If you want to get the most out of your vacation, I can help.

Budget travel

Let there be no misunderstanding: I'm not a hardcore budget traveler. I don't stay in hostel dorms, but in private rooms and I won't take a 20-hour flight if I can get a 12-hour one by paying $50 more. I do however, always try to get as much for my money as I can, without spending too much. I thoroughly research all the bookings I make, whether those involve plain tickets, accommodation or activities. If you want to travel comfortably without spending your entire salary, I can help.

Couples travel

Boyfriend and I are two very different people, so traveling together isn't always easy. Over the years we've figured out ways to make it work, to combine his interests with mine and to compromise when necessary. We've done city trips, road trips, beach trips and a winter sport vacation together. And we survived.

United States

I spent almost a month in total traveling through Los Angeles county and I'd love to share my experiences and tips with you.

Western Europe

I've traveled to the UK, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. I've lived in Belgium my entire live. Some of the places I've been to: – London – Center and Northern Portugal – Andalucia and the Basque Country – Paris and Versailles – Berlin – Amsterdam – Luxembourg City You can find out about the other places I've traveled to on the destination page of my blog: http://wonderfulwanderings.com/been-there-done-that/


I've been living in Belgium my entire life and regularly do day trips in my home country. Yes, Belgium is famous for its chocolate, beer, fries, waffles and other deliciousness, but there's a bunch to see and do here as well.