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Sophie Harbour

South East Asia Specialist, Bartender and Diving Instructor
I've traveled extensively in South East Asia, lived and worked in The Philippines, Thailand, London and Melbourne and I love to talk about it!


Solo travel

I first left England on a one way flight to Bali as a solo female traveler at 19! It was an amazing experience and no way as scary as it might first seem!

Working overseas

I'm currently working as a bartender in Melbourne as i'm on a working holiday visa. I've also lived in London for 3 years. I can give lots of tips for getting started finding work in a new city, as well as living and adapting to working life in a tropical country!

Couples travel

I'm currently part of a multi-national travelling duo! A German boyfriend that I met in the Philippines, we've backpacked together and are now living together in Melbourne.


I've lived and worked as a diving instructor in both The Philippines and Thailand, I can recommend the best places and dive schools/courses for beginners and enthusiasts, as well as some hidden gems.

Food & drink

I've eaten South East Asia to death! Seriously, eating local cuisine is probably my favourite part of the travel experience. I love Thai and Vietnamese cookery and can recognize and recommend a plethora of street food from Vietnam to Indonesia.


Visited the beautiful city of Budapest multiple times, motorbiked pillion around Croatia and Hungary.

Australia/New Zealand

Currently living here!


Visited Ljubljana with friends who are locals.


Born and raised here!

Southeast Asia

Backpacked Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia and Laos. Lived and worked in Thailand and the Philippines.