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Spencer Neal

Tourism Proffessional
Personal travel experiences in 50+ countries | 17 years working in the travel and tourism industry | 9 years on the road travelling across the globe


Budget travel

My first budget trip in 1991 was on a £99 flight to Bangkok, I lived well on less than £5 per day and haven't looked back. Know difference between cheap and value especially when it comes to travel – it's about maximizing the number of good experiences against your budget. Work in travel industry so know where to find the good deal!

Long-term travel

4 years Southern Africa, 3 years as guide in Egypt, Jordan, Israel, China, India, Pakistan. 1 year New Zealand. 1 year Thailand – SE Asia

Solo travel

Have worked in small group adventure touring for over 17 years. Adventure touring is a very popular way for a independently minded solo traveller to travel with like minded people to either experience a country in depth or get a taste before making your own way. Have 5 years experience as a solo traveller but was rarely on my own!

55+ travel

I work with top operators offering cultural and adventurous travel for the +55's and have had teh pleasure to accompany many seasoned travellers the world over. With 50+ countries visited I understand the want needs of the well travelled. I'll advise you how best to spend your kids inheritance!

Organized tours

17 years experience in off the beaten path organised travel. Expert in small group and tailor made travel with global network of local and international suppliers. It's my 9-5 job but I'm not a travel agent. Travelled on over 80 organised tours in all continents and will always offer unbiased advice

Middle East

1 year resident and travelling Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Syria. Recently travelled through Algeria

Southern Africa

4 years resident in South Africa working in travel industry. Travelled all over including the increasingly popular Mozambique

Indian Subcontinent

1 year resident in India working in tourism. In depth travel North and South vi,sited many times sine leaving

East Asia

18 month resident in China working in tourism and gained extensive travel experience. Also experienced to Tibet and North Korea

North Korea

14 day visit in September 2014 where I escorted a group of international travellers


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