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Stacey Ebert

Traveler, writer, blogger @ thegiftoftravel.wordpress.com
Traveled to 50+ countries across 6 continents & lived in both Melbourne & NY. Wealth of knowledge of RTW travel, trip planning & budgeting.


Round the World travel (RTW travel)

I've traveled around the world twice. The first, a ten month honeymoon with time spent on four continents and living in Melbourne, Australia. We planned (some was on our own and others with group travel), got travel insurance, took care of our belongings and were on our way. The second was two months around the world through Asia, Europe, Australia and the Middle East. Long term 'round the world travel changed my perspective on life, career, desires and location.

Career break

I've taken two leaves of absence from public high school both as teacher and advisor. Both breaks were to travel around the world and see life lived differently. Upon return I began to see the world differently and knew that something had to change. After over fifteen years in the world of education, I've resigned. Volunteering, event planning and travel writing are my focus. Happiness matters-each day since…I've smiled more.

Health & safety

As an asthmatic with many allergies, medical care is highly important to me when I travel. Always consulting with an infectious disease doctor for travel vaccinations and prescriptions prior to travel, I take great care in having a small medical kit that hopes to cover most needs on the road. Checking in with the CDC, WHO and Smart Traveler keeps me up to date with health crises and safety issues for travelers around the world.

Budget travel

In my twenties, I backpacked around Europe. At this point in life we're definitely budget travelers. Choosing economy class on planes, basic/standard options on tours, and able to be very happy on a bush camping safari or a comfy Westin bed. We're always searching for a bargain when traveling and using internet resources to help seek them out as well. You don't have to be a millionaire to travel often and well-just well planned and ready for an adventure.

Couples travel

When we met on a tour in New Zealand, I lived in New York and my husband in Australia. For four years we had an international courtship spending time together while traveling and that didn't stop after we got married. Whether on a group tour, small private tour or on an adventure on our own-we're happiest traveling together. It can be nerve-wracking to spend intense amount of time with a partner and there are some tips to learn so everyone is happy on the road.

Southern Africa

South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia & Zimbabwe are amazing places. Cultures, wildlife, scenery & some of the most genuine people I've ever encountered reside here. After being chased by a hippo while bush camping in the Okavanga Delta & hiking Dune 45 in the wild desert sun I fell in love with Southern Africa. Views from Table Mountain, the awe of Etosha's watering hole and the daredevil spirit of Devil's Pool stay with me always. I encourage all interested to book a ticket & take the leap.

Australia/New Zealand

I met my husband in New Zealand-he's from Australia. I've lived in Melbourne, Australia and spent much time in many areas of the continent. I love Melbourne and spent much of my time finding hidden laneways and experiencing a city as both a traveler and a local. This city is my second home and I've helped many travelers plan their visits and provided finds that are intrinsically local. Most of my favourite foods and happy places are found in this great country.

United States

Having lived in New York, gone to university in Massachusetts and traveled to far more than half of the country-I have a lot of information to share on the United States. Whether its finding that special beach, how to get the best price on a Broadway show or what is a good time to visit Florida's Disneyworld-I would love to help you plan your trip to this part of the world.

Hong Kong

With a best friend who has spent over the past decade living in Hong Kong, I've visited often. After the first time, I no longer feel like a tourist at all. This fast paced city has many facets and amazing natural finds amidst the hustle and bustle of Central. There's the peaceful tranquility of Big Wave Bay and the stunning lights of the harbour and other delights known to locals & travelers alike. It's wonderful to return to a city time & again discovering the new while revisiting favourites.


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