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Stacey Farley

Travel writer and blogger
Here to help you find your own freedom.


Travel blogging / writing

Thinking of starting your own blog to communicate your experiences to family back home or to connect with other travellers? My website, Adventurerstacey.com is my first and only travel blog and I'm happy to share my experiences with others and even give them advice on how to start their own blogs or travel websites.

Female travel

Many, *many* women travel. There has been a long history of female adventurers and humanitarian aid workers. Women rock at travel but sometimes our needs are different to our male counterparts and I'm happy to discuss this with other women travellers.

Long-term travel

Who said long term travel couldn't be affordable and fun? I'm happy to talk about my experiences with others (please note: I have never travelled consistently for more than eight months at this time).

Budget travel

Most people have financial restrictions; I'm here to show you how you can get the most out of your trip without those restrictions getting in your way!

Solo travel

I'm a huge advocate for solo travel, something I think we should all try at least two or three times in our lives, no make then four or five. Travelling the way you want and being honest with yourself about what you truly want out of the experience can be very rewarding and is worth the occasional lonely feelings you might get.

North America

I lived in Canada completing a semester abroad while at university before backpacking the mainland US and Hawai'i. I'm happy to advise others on how to plan their North American adventure or their study abroad.

Northern Europe

I have visited every country in Northern Europe and have a network of friends there as a result – if I can't answer your questions I can find a local who can!

Southeast Asia

I spent the larger part of last year backpacking Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. I slow travelled however, if you only have a week or two I can draw from my own experience and give you advice so you can have a good time in the short time you have.


Visiting Australia or moving here? Learn about Australia from a local and find alternative ways to travel this beautiful country that the mainstream travel industry won't tell you about!