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Stephanie Kempker

Brazil and Thailand Expert Expat, Travel Writer at MyQLE.com
Serial expat living in Rio de Janeiro (prior Bangkok) with expertise in expat life and traveling (especially solo female), in Brazil, Southeast Asia, and Israel


Expat life

I've lived in Thailand for 2 years and now in Brazil for 1 year. I can provide advice on expat living, job searching, tips, apartment searching, and scams to avoid.

Female travel

I have traveled throughout Southeast Asia, the US, and Brazil as a female traveler.

Budget travel

I have been budget traveling for over 5 years, and am skilled in establishing fun and functional budgets both during the planning period and the actual trip.

Long-term travel

I have been an expat since 2012, and enjoy slow travel from a base in a major city.

Teaching English

I have taught private English lessons in both Thailand in Brazil. I can help with finding jobs, the best certification, and in creating lesson plans for children and adults of all learning levels.


I lived in Bangkok for 2 years and traveled extensively throughout Thailand during that time.

Southeast Asia

I lived in Thailand for 2 years and traveled extensively for work and for fun throughout the region for 2 years (2012-2014).


I have traveled extensively throughout Israel, am engaged to an Israeli, and will be applying for Israeli citizenship.


I have lived and worked in Rio de Janeiro for 1 year, and will be here until 2017.

United States

I am an American expat who travels back at least once a year. I have experience traveling extensively throughout the country, as well as experience with work and visa applications for non-American citizens (my fiance).


Featured Travel Blogger – I Travel Jerusalem