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Tamara Hathaway

Travel Consultant and Blogger at TheJetSettingBrunette.com
Travel lover, wanderer, foodie, and lover of all cultures


Female travel

Single Woman traveling the world one country at a time. I have been to some exotic locations and can assist with safety and comfort!

Food & drink

Major Foodie and can help you choose the best of the local cuisine and recommend cooking classes and food experiences and itineraries

Air travel

I am a pro at picking the best airlines and seats and can also help you earn and use your miles!

Adventure activities

Bike Tours around the world, African Safari, Trekking to Mountain Gorillas, Hikes to Machu Picchu, Hot Air Balloon Rides, Paragliding over the Swiss Alps

Luxury travel

I have worked for some of the top hotel companies in the world and can recommend the best ones for you. I also have experiences with Luxury Tour Operators that can help plan any getaway

Eastern Europe

River Cruising experience as well as itineraries and train journeys through Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary

Western Europe

Extensive knowledge of France, Spain, Portugal and Ireland

East Africa

Safari experience in Kenya and Tanzania, as well as knowledge on Gorilla Treks through Uganda and Congo

South America

Extensive knowledge of Peru


I know the top hotels, restaurants and experiences throughout the Caribbean through years of selling hotels in the region