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Tim Anderson

Social Media Strategist, Brand Consultant, Travel Blogger
Full-time traveler since January of 2008, founder and editor-in-chief of the English/Spanish travel blog Marginal Boundaries.


Organized tours

While we started with our Destination Freedom team-building tours, Cristina and myself have expanded since then. Now we offer an entire series of adventure tours in and around Palenque, Mexico along with other destinations where we are living and traveling.

Travel blogging / writing

Our Destination Freedom brand boot camps have been going on since 2013 and have seen more than half a dozen graduates. On top of that, we regularly teach Internet marketing, blogging and writing classes in the places where we live, plus I have been speaking on blogging, writing, travel and social media for events since 2012.

Working overseas

I regularly consult with brands and individuals around the world on how to take advantage of opportunities within the countries you are living in or just visiting, as well as living in and working in the same countries I offer advice for.

Long-term travel

I've lived 2.5 years in Bulgaria, 3.5 years in Mexico, as well as in the United States and Colombia, and been on the road full-time since January of 2008. We specialize in long-term, immersion travel as opposed to backpacking.

Couples travel

Cristina and myself have been traveling together since 2011 and sharing those experiences with our readers in Spanish and English.


Traveled there for six years and lived there for 2.5 years between January of 2008 and June of 2010.


Based out of the Riviera Maya in Cancun and Playa del Carmen since 2010; based out of Palenque since late 2014.

Eastern Europe

Lived in Sofia, Bulgaria from 2008 until mid-2010. Traveled extensively throughout the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe during this time.

South America

Living and working within Central and South America since 2010.

Central America

Living and working within Central and South America since 2010.


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