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Troy Hendershott

Traveling the World on a Budget for nearly 4-Yrs Continuous
Backpacking round the world continously for almost 4-years I've lived in 19 different countries, and gave up a 12-yr career in broadcasting to live my dream


Round the World travel (RTW travel)

Left Denver, CO USA in March 2012 with a one-way ticket unsure where life would take me…and I'm still out traveling the world close to 4-years later

Travel gear / packing

I've gone from a backpacker to an ultra light backpacker which takes time and skill. Now I travel with a normal size bookbag (carry-on size) and can live out of this for 1-6 months

Travel blogging / writing

I've been writing and blogging since 2011, I know it takes a while to get an audience so I'm trying to do more now that I'm in areas of the world with consistent WiFi, plus regaining a new (used) laptop after mine was stolen in Nicaragua hindered my online presence a bit.

Budget travel

I've traveled the world and spent less than what some people will spend in a few months. Discipline and being innovative is key!

Working overseas

You will be AMAZED at how easy it can be to find seasonal work, volunteering, help exchanges, etc to save and/or earn money…just ask me how!

Western Europe

Traveled 12+ countries throughout Western Europe all by railway

Central America

Visited and lived in every country in Central America, I know it like the back of my hand

South America

Only had a chance to spend time in Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru but meeting other backpackers I feel very confident in understanding how different it is to travel SA

East Asia

I've lived in East Asia for more than a year working and traveling

Southeast Asia

Spent more than 10 months in SEA visiting almost every country in the region


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