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Urvi Bhandari

Chief Nomad – Social Scientist
Starting my journey as a true modern nomad. Building the infrastructure and community for nomads in the future. Can give advice on Bali, Dallas and India.


Female travel

I am a female nomad. There are challenges to traveling as a female and I am learning to deal with them but also find some great things about traveling as a female traveler. There are certain places that are more conducive to women travelers. I can teach you where to go if you want to make friends with just women or find men.

Luxury travel

When traveling I do have a certain style of traveling I prefer to have especially in the middle of long travels where I might be almost bag packing. The luxury travel I enjoy is staying at the W hotels in almost every place I visit. This gives me the ability to relax and recoupe when I have many days on the road.

Technology & travel

As a techie and a nomad it is critical for me to constantly learn about technology that will help me meet others across the world as a single traveler. I can to to the local watering holes but sometimes I want to find people immediately who have similar interests to me so I can learn about a place through activity – bike, hike, events etc. I can teach you to make friends or date while traveling.

Solo travel

I love to travel alone. I consider it a benefit more than I feel like I am traveling alone. There are a few times that traveling alone I has it's challenges but as I continue on my nomadic journey it's been great to grow and learn how to deal with these challenges. Traveling alone is not lonely as it's easy for me to meet people and enjoy the local area of where ever I am.

Long-term travel

As a nomad, travel is a part of my life. Many times I need to do a little bit more planning when it comes to packing. The other challenge is being able to find resources that will allow me to have my stuff where I want them and when I want them – bike, scuba gear etc.


Specific cities such as Mumbai and the state of Rajasthan


If you are going for a luxury vacation I can give advice on this city


Specifically Bali and some of the other islands

United States

Specific cities such as Dallas, San Francisco and Atlanta