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Valarie Duquette

Travel Enthusiast
Past Language and Culture Assistant in Spain, churro/chorizo lover and a former student at Regents University in London.


Budget travel

I lived and traveled in London and throughout the UK for almost 4 months on around $5,000. I also lived and traveled in Spain and Europe on a teaching assistant budget of $1,000 a month, which includes rent, utilities, food, and miscellaneous travel. I am very familiar with budget airlines and travel via train and bus. I'd also consider myself an expert in finding discounts and deals to get the most of trips for cheap.

Long-term travel

I've lived and traveled around Europe on and off for over a year.

Solo travel

Solo travel has given me the most rewarding experiences of my life. About 75% of my trips have been solo. I've traveled alone throughout the US, the UK and all over Spain. I've met lots of interesting people and had countless experiences both beautiful and frustrating. Traveling alone has improved my confidence, independence, and interpersonal skills and has simultaneously grown my curiosity and wanderlust.

Teaching English

I taught for a year as a Language and Culture Assistant at IES Sierra de Mijas, in Mijas, Andalucia, Spain. I taught 10-16 year olds and gave clases particulares (private classes) in various subjects to a 4 year-old, two 10 year-olds and a 28 year-old to supplement my income. I went over with CIEE and feel very comfortable with related questions. I can also answer questions about visas, finding accommodation, budgeting, and travel throughout Spain.

Female travel

I'm a firm believer in not only solo, but solo female travel. I'd say about 90% of my trips have been female-only.

Western Europe