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Veronika Tomanova

Travel blogger I Photographer I Social Media Addict
I am travel blogger and freelance journalist who loves to travel. My passion is writing stories, taking photographs and videos.


Female travel

I traveled through numerous countries in Europe and SE Asia. I often travel my myself, so I am experienced solo female traveler.

Expat life

I spend two years in Taipei, Taiwan studying my masters with support of Taiwan scholarship. I can give advice on studies, work and life in Taiwan.


As former news photographer, I am able to cover most of events or situations. I also have big passion for travel photography. If you would like to get better in photography, we can talk about ways how you can do it.

Travel blogging / writing

I run my blog for the past 3 years (since August 2012) and during that time I managed to collect lots of experience in content creating and also all the technical things behind the blog.

Language learning

I love languages! I am fluent in English, German, Italian and Russian. If you would like to get better in any of those, I will be happy to help you.

Southeast Asia

I have traveled to Philippines, Malaysia,Singapore, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Brunei


I have lived in Taiwan for two years.