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Yeison & Samantha

Travel Bloggers & Costa Rica Experts at Mytanfeet
American and Costa Rican couple living it up at the beach in Costa Rica, traveling around the world and sharing our stories. Experts in all things Costa Rica


Language learning

Samantha learned Spanish from zero and grew up speaking Mandarin. Yeison learned English in his late teens with Spanish as his native language. We have both learned new languages starting from nothing and know some good tips and tricks on how to stay motivated, immerse yourself and remember faster and easier.

Couples travel

We have been traveling together non stop for the past 3 years. When we first started dating, we were in a long distance relationship so we know what it's like to travel as a couple and to be together 24/7 for months on end.

Adventure activities

In every country we visit, we always seek out the best adventure activities to do. In Costa Rica, adventure is impossible to miss but it is hard to find which are the perfect ones for you. As outdoor adventure addicts, we have done nearly every adventure activity in Costa Rica all throughout the country and can help you decide which ones you would like to experience.

Expat life

Samantha moved from the United States to Costa Rica in 2012 and has been an expat for two years and running. She's gone through the process of learning Spanish, the Costa Rican culture and how the system works. Becoming an expat can be a bit scary and sometimes confusing so she can help you gt the low down on what being an expat in Costa Rica is really like.

Costa Rica

Yeison is Costa Rican, born and grew up near San Jose the capital city. He has traveled all throughout the country and has years of working in the tourism industry under his belt. He knows all the best local spots and has the best tips and advice on how to get around and what the country is really like. We've been traveling around Costa Rica non stop for the past couple years. Our knowledge is Costa Rica and more Costa Rica. Ask us anything!


Yeison traveled around Nicaragua for two years and we both go there every couple months since it is so close to where we live in Costa Rica.


Taiwan is where Samantha's family is from and we traveled there for 3 months in 2014. Samantha has family all around the country and we traveled the whole island by train. We know what it's like to travel Taiwan as a foreigner and as a (semi) local. We can help you get around if you don't know Mandarin, find all the best spots away from tourist eyes and the tastiest dishes to eat besides the ones you read online.


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Hey Derek (and Yeison & Samantha)
Yes, thank you, I got a very fine answer from Yeison & Samantha. I found it very informative. I found their site and blog by coincidence, when I was searching for information about Costa Rica. Then I found out, that if I wanted to ask them, I had to use Plansify. It's absolutely ok, that you now have to pay to get an answer from them. They use a lot of time on this. And they know a lot about the country, which is very important, when you travel by your own in a foreign country for the first time. Especially when it is a country like Costa Rica, where e.g. some of the roads are in bad conditions and you can't drive anywhere.
Earlier I have used Tripadvisor to connect with locals, who know about details in USA. I also got very fine – and free ?- answers in that way, and I would also try that possibility again.
But is seems, that there is maket for a site as yours, where very qualified people give advices for a rather small amount.

Tine Rydahl • December 8, 2015
I was hesitant to use a website that asked for "pay for our advice"…However-I am SO GLAD that I used the site and these advisors. The answers to my questions were detailed and researched. Their answers were worth the cost because they included all the local expat knowledge with personal tips…something you cannot always find by reading blogs.

Mary-Bestor Grant • September 21, 2015
The information is very helpful! I appreciate the details. Thank you!

carla mathieu • May 18, 2015