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Alexandra Baackes

Travel Writer
Sun-seeking travel writer with a passion for all things aquatic. Non-stop nomadic since 2011.


Travel blogging / writing

My travel blog is my full time source of income and receives over 110,000 page views per month as of 4/2014.

Expat life

I have lived abroad in the Cayman Islands and in Thailand.

Working overseas

I have worked overseas in the Cayman Islands and in Thailand and host a popular interview series about working abroad.

Budget travel

I am a budget traveler and have tips and tricks for saving at every level.

Adventure activities

I am a PADI scuba divemaster and have tried adventure activities like whitewater rafting, SUPing, skydiving, ziplining, hiking, canyoning and more all over the world.


Cambodia is one of my favorite countries on this planet. I can advise you on everything from the hottest hostel and chicest design hotel in Phnom Penh to the best dive site in Koh Rong Samloem.


I recently spent eleven weeks exploring every corner of Peru from every level of budget. Trying to decide between jungle trips in Iquitos and Puerto Maldonado? Looking for advise on the Inca Trail? Happy to help!


I spent over a year living in Koh Tao and have traveled extensively around Bangkok, Northern and Central Thailand and parts of both coasts. I can tell you where to find Bangkok's hipsters on a Saturday night, where to eat the best massaman curry in Koh Tao and where to go for a two day rafting trip through Northern Thailand's remote jungle.


I recently spent over a month traversing the tiny isthmus that is Panama and fell head over heels in love. From the best Thai food restaurant in Panama City to the greatest hidden waterfall in Boquete, I can help you plan the trip of your dreams to my favorite country in Central America.

Cayman Islands

I spent four months living in the Cayman Islands in which time I explored Grand Cayman thoroughly from the perspective of both an expat and a tourist. I found many hidden gems during my time there that could turn a typical beach vacation into a trip to remember.


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